New Game – 1Px@At

Again we skipped a Ludum Dare 48, but with #28 we are back in action, this time just me solo-ing the competition.

The topic this time was “You Only Get One” and I had the idea of starting the player out with just a single pixel. It may not perfectly fit the theme and I cheated a little bit (a single pixel was actually too small to see), but in the end “1Px@At” (One pixel at a time) turned out to be fun game with high replayability. I ended up using XNA 4.0 again, since I am still not up to speed with Unity and it’s new 2D-tools. For sounds sfxr came in handy as always and just like in Retro Racer I used FamiTracker to create the music, which turned out much better this time.

Here a short gameplay video:

We hope you enjoy the game!

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