Quick Update

We didn’t post anything on the site for a while, so I wanted to just give a short update about what is actually happening at Scanline. While the site didn’t change we where certainly busy, but since Scanline is just a hobby, there is only so much we can do between our day-job, personal life, etc..

We have been mostly checking out some new stuff in the last couple of months. While Microsoft XNA will still be our primary platform, we are looking for ways to reach more people out there with upcoming projects. We looked at some libraries like SFML and SDL, but without much success (having virtually no experience in C++). I am personally getting into Java and while having some good results on Android, I still have problems getting games to run in the browser or by a runable .JAR-File. We are also looking into Flash (Flashpunk) and Game Maker Studio of which we acquired a Windows License. We are always learning and I definitely want to put more time into this (especially Java and Game Maker Studio), but it doesn’t have priority. Beyond that we are considering MonoGame to bring finished XNA games to other platforms.

We also had some side-projects in the meantime. We tried competing in the last Ludum Dare 48 (this time as a team), but I ran into some technical problems, which had us loosing a lot of time, eventually forcing us to drop out. We will definitely entering the next LD in April! I personally started working on a tile-map editor, which has rather low priority, but might get more important when working on future projects.

Last but not least, we finally figured out how to change from the (in my opinion) atrocious XNA One-Click-Installer to something more traditional with InnoSetup. I will try to create and upload the new installer for both Catching Life and Retro Racer on the weekend.

I took some time off my day-job next week and the week after that, specifically for gaming and programming, so I hope to be able to show something new after that.

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