Ludum Dare 48 Entry

I am happy to inform you that I (Falko) participated and finished the Ludum Dare 48 #24 competition. The famous game-making competition requires a single person to create a game from scratch in 48 hours.

It was the first time I competed in the competition, but I am very happy with the result. I was able to schedule my time realistically and implement every core feature before the deadline. You can find the game called “Catching Life” with some post-competition updates in the Games Section of our site.

At the point of this post, the competition is still running, so I would like to ask you to head over to the Ludum Dare Website and rate my game!

I hope you enjoy the game. I like the concept, even though I came up with it at 4:00 AM. I think will elaborate it a bit in the future and add some real levels, nicer visuals and additional elements.

You can find a short gameplay video with some explanations on YouTube

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