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General News about Scanline Games and our development

Retro Racer+ Released

As mentioned elsewhere before, we are currently looking at alternatives to XNA. Most notably, we are running several tests in Game Maker: Studio and Unity. The first example of these new ambitions is Retro Racer+, an enhanced version of one of Scanline Games’ first. Currently there is a Unity Web Player version up and running, […]

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New Game – 1Px@At

Again we skipped a Ludum Dare 48, but with #28 we are back in action, this time just me solo-ing the competition. The topic this time was “You Only Get One” and I had the idea of starting the player out with just a single pixel. It may not perfectly fit the theme and I […]

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New Game! – Paranoia Painter

After unfortunately not being able to finish last time, we successfully finished our entry for the Ludum Dare 48 game jam #26. The topic this time was minimalism, so we put you into the dreams of Gaston, a up and coming french artist in the minimalistic art scene. You take control of Gaston and try […]

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Quick Update

We didn’t post anything on the site for a while, so I wanted to just give a short update about what is actually happening at Scanline. While the site didn’t change we where certainly busy, but since Scanline is just a hobby, there is only so much we can do between our day-job, personal life, […]

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Ludum Dare 48 Entry

I am happy to inform you that I (Falko) participated and finished the Ludum Dare 48 #24 competition. The famous game-making competition requires a single person to create a game from scratch in 48 hours. It was the first time I competed in the competition, but I am very happy with the result. I was […]

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Scanline Games is online!

Welcome to the official website of Scanline Games, a independent German videogame developer. Please note, that the site is still under construction, so please be patient with us until everything is up and running. Soon you will find all info & updates to our games here.

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